Radiation induced proctocolitis - risk factors and correlation of symptoms with colonoscopy

Kandasamy alias Kumar, E and Aravind, A

The prevalence of radiation colitis was investigated in 73 patients with symptoms of bleeding per rectum, six weeks after radiotherapy for Ca Cx. Investigation of blood, urine, motion, ECG, CXR, USG abdomen and colonoscopic examination retrospectively (radiation therapy injury to rectum, sigmoid- colon) were carried out. It is found that the risk factors for radiation induced damage to colonic mucosa are: age, presence of co- morbid illness, low BMI, anemia, long duration of symptoms and disease factors such as stage IIIb disease, total radiation dose and brachytherapy. Also the study revealed that the risk of malignancy after radiation therapy in the affected colonic mucosa in extremely rare.

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