Psychiatric morbidity in dermatological patients in rural setting

Kapoor A., Gupta V., Ganjoo S., Mahla VP and Rai R

Back ground: Dermatological disorders lead to multiple psychological impacts on patient. There is insufficient data in this area. Objectives: To assess the prevalence of anxiety and depression among skin patients in rural setting. Patients and methods: Study was conducted in outpatient department of dermatology, Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary (SGT) Medical College and Hospital, Gurugram and 1200 patients were assessed. Hamilton Depression Rating Scale & Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale in Hindi version were used for assessment after taking informed consent, as these scales were designed specifically for use in non-psychiatric hospital departments. Results: Among 1200 patients taken in study, 52.83% were males and 47.17% were females, with a majority in the age range of 16-30 years. Total 22.33% patients had mild depression, 5.92% had moderate depression, 14.5% had mild anxiety and 4.42% had moderate anxiety. None patient had found in severe depression and anxiety episode. Higher numbers of patients were associated with conditions like acne vulgaris, vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, alopecia and all tending to be extensive, chronic and disfiguring and easily visible. Conclusion: There is a high rate of psychological disorder in dermatological patients which need to be assessed at time of treatment.

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