The problems of citrus crop cultivation in kumaun himalaya, uttarakhand

Lokesh Dasila and Adhikari R. S

The diverse agro-climatic and biogeographic zones in Western Himalaya, especially in Kumaun hills, have given rise to different forms of Citrus in cultivation and many other forms in semi-wild and wild conditions. The Shiwalik series of Indian Himalaya, from Northwest to Northeast India along the foothills is considered to be abode of Citrus genetic resources. The Citrus growing farmers, horticulture department, and the small scale Citrus based industry people has been encountered during the entire study period. The exploration aims to make a taxonomic account of the Citrus wealth of Kumaun Himalaya, with prime objective of collection, documentation, socio-economic relevance and the problems in Citrus crop cultivation.

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