Prison laws in india- a socio legal analysis


The Prisons law of India is amongst the forgotten laws of this country which has lost its existence so significantly that neither the law makers of this country nor the mighty political system gives it any value in order to get reformed within today age and time. There is lacuna of stringent legislation for prisoners who also deserve life to be led with the basic human respect which we all are entitled to being citizens of this country despite the wrongdoings they have committed. The prisoners kept in jails are kept in inhuman conditions and are deprived of even basic human amenities like reformation, healthy sanitary conditions and lack of proper food, bedding and clothing facilities. The real pragmatic change in criminals kept in prisoners and solitary confinements can be brought by using reformative measures in prisons rather than trying to tame them by authoritative means like animals kept in zoo. This paper makes a socio legal analysis of prison laws in India.

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