The prevalence of spinal degenerative osteoarthritis in north china population: the handan osteoarthritis study

Niu jing., Chen xin-zhi., Qiao guo-yong and Zhang yong-tao

Objective To investigate the prevalence of Handan city population in spinal degenerative osteoarthritis and discusse the characteristics and risk factors for this disease
Methods One neighborhood committees and two suburban counties are randomly selected. Drawing the r (village) committee that all residents over the age of 45 epidemiological investigation, questionnaire survey spinal degenerative osteoarthritis disease situation, college visits and physical examination and X-ray fluoroscopy.
Results: The total prevalence rate of spinal degenerative osteoarthritis is 27.3%, the prevalence of 32.6% in rural residents and 22.6% in urban residents; 27.4% in Men and 5.9% in Women. Age, working at the desk, bent down and heavy manual Labour is associated with spinal degenerative osteoarthritis.
Conclusion: Age, working at the desk, bent down and heavy manual Labour are risk factors of spinal degenerative osteoarthritis, should actively intervene to reduce the pathogenic effects of such factors.

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