Predicting the presence of occupation induced bronchial asthma on manifestation based questionnaire in tirupur city

Muthukumar A and Sundara Ganapathy R

Background: Drug adherence to occupation induced bronchial asthma is one the key drivers long term controller medications to improve prevention and management among persistent asthmatic patients. Objectives: To evaluate occupation induced bronchial asthma on new manifestation questionnaire based clinical study conducted by tertiary care clinic in rural area in Tirupur. Methods: This study was to assess medication adherence by self-report method to understand various determinants of medication non-adherence, and to enhance adherence using the strategies of counseling, education, and interviewing the patient. Results: A total of 57 of participants answered all the questionnaire.64.91% of the patients was male and 35.08% were female. 12.28% of the participants were vegetarian and 88.71% were non-vegetarian. 47.36% of participants were having the habit of smocking/alcoholic or tobacco consumption and 52.63% were not having. 49.12% of participants were predicted the presence of asthma. Conclusion: A significant difference was observed between the mean manifestation based asthma screening questionnaire scores of asthmatic participants. The most commonly used measures of asthma in epidemiological and clinical studies are symptoms data, specifically cough, wheeze, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. The manifestation based asthma screening questionnaire addresses the above 4 symptoms with specific triggers, although these triggers have yet to be validated.

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