Polyamide as a denture base material- a review

Nivedha Srinivasan and Dhanraj G

Aim: the aim of the study is to understand the properties of polyamide as a denture base material. Objective: The purpose of this article was to review the bicompatibility, physical, and machanical properties of the polyamide denture base materials
Background: Polyamide resin was proposed as a denture base material in the 1950s. Nylon is a generic name for certain types of thermoplastic polymers belonging to the class known as polymides. Nylon is a crystalline polymer and this crystalline effect accounts for the lack of solubility of nylon in solvents, as well as high heat resistance and high strength ductility. On the other side, it is reported that this material has several problems such as water sorption, surface roughness, bacterial contamination,, color deterioration and difficulty in polishing. Reason: Since there is a very limited knowledge about polyamide's clinical performance, strict and careful follow up evaluation of the patients rehabilitated with polyamide prosthesis is required.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.3274.0244