Perception of female medical students about virtualization of anatomy in king khalid university

Chaudhary S., Alghamdi A.M and Bharti R

Evolution is the essence of life, which involves adaptation in the form of change as per the need. Modern technology is the need of hour to supplement traditional didactic curriculum. Providing the dissection of human body specimen is far from enough for professional anatomy teaching. Furthermore, due to the scarcity of human bodies, most medical students cannot get anatomy operation training. This problem could be solved, via digital scanning, digital 3D reconstruction, digital anatomy operating and 3D printing, the computation technology provides the possibility. 65% of students agreed for introduction of digital media into the curriculum. Margin between ethical and unethical is hair lined and fragile while we deal with the dead. It is very important to define the boundary between judicious use, commercial exploitation and ravenous abuse of dead bodies. So 21 st century tools may prove to as good supplementary or complimentary tools for teaching and may in turn help getting required respect for the dead who are dissected harshly by unknowledgeable brains in early years of medical life. We propose horizontal and vertical integration of medical curriculum and giving hands on training to all post graduates of all surgical fields and undergraduates in final years of their training

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