Perception about dental quacks and their self-rated oral health among the patients attending the himachal institutes of dental science paonta sahib, himachal pradesh

Rajeshwar Digra, Pooja Ahuja, Karandeep Singh and Yashveer Raghav

A cross-sectional survey was conducted to assess the perception of patients regarding dental quacks. Methodology Self-administered close-ended questionnaires were used to assess the perception about dental quack and their self-rated oral health and self perceived dental needs among. The questionnaire was reviewed by experts to ensure the content validity and then translated to the local language (Hindi) for better understanding of the subjects. Results A total of 1233 subjects participated in the survey, out which 324 (28.87%) of the subjects had a dental treatment from the dental quacks. Extractions (49.08%) of teeth was found to be most common dental treatment from the dental Quacks followed by pain management. Access to professional dentist was one of the common reasons reported by subjects for using quack services 49.08%. Most of the subjects 69.58% were unsatisfied with quack services. Knowledge about dental quackery was very low as 40.74% of the subjects were unaware of it. About self rated oral health found to mixed response between Good and fair but felt oral health need among subjects found to be high 93%. Conclusion there is need to provide knowledge and awareness about oral health and dental treatment as well access to dental care among the general public which may prevent the use of dental quackery services.

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