Patients attitude towards extraction of third molar- a questionnaire based study

Harshini Ravichandran and Nabeel Nazar

The purpose of this study is to assess patients attitude towards extraction of third.The objective is to assess the attitude of the patient towards extraction of third molar in a private dental institution. A questionnaire based survey to be conducted among 50.The third molar is the last tooth to erupt in the oral cavity and it is also the most retained/impacted tooth of the jaws. Even though this tooth can remain asymptomatic causing no problems whatsoever to the patient, a series of disorders can be directly related with its presence. It is always debated whether the extraction of the asymptomaticc third molar is necessary or not. The patients also remain skeptic towards the extraction. The patients involvement and cooperation in the treatment leads to the success of treatment. There by it is necessary to assess the patients attitude towards his or her respective treatment.

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