Morphometric study of nutrient foramina in the dry human radii

SaiSandhya.T and Karpagam

Aim: To study the morphology of nutrient foramina in the dry human radii.
Objective: To study the location, direction of nutrient foramina of dry human radii and its significance during orthopaedic surgeries.
Background: The radius or radial bone is one of the two large bones of the forearm, the other being the ulna. The radius bone extends from the lateral side of the elbow to the thumb side of the wrist and runs parallel to the ulna, which exceeds it in length and size. It is a long bone, prism shaped and slightly curved longitudinally. The radius is a part of two joints, the elbow and the wrist. At the elbow, it joins with the capitulum of the humerus and in a separate region with the ulna at the radial notch. At the wrist the radius forms a joint with the ulna bone

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