Modification of cotton fabric for increased dyeability with reactive dyes: a review

Ruchira Agarwal and Deepali Rastogi

Reactive dyes hold a position of great importance in the textile colouration industry. Their use for dyeing of cotton has been very well established. As opposed to their advantages such as bright colours and very good wash fastness, their drawbacks of low dye utilisation and high electrolyte requirement have posed serious concerns to environmentalists. Over years various efforts have been directed at developing more eco-friendly processes in dyeing cotton with reactive dyes. The various approaches include, modifying dye structure to increase dye fibre interactions, dyeing process alterations to decrease electrolyte and alkali requirements and also modifying the cotton fibre to make it more receptive to the dye. This review presents an overview of researches in the field of cotton substrate modification for enhancing dyeability with reactive dyes.

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