Metabolic syndrome as a homeostasis modification factor

AM Zemskov., Vladimir M Zemskov., AV Donzov., EV Donzova., VA Zemskova and AN Redkin

Various diseases, such as psoriasis and ischaemic heart disease, that are complicated by metabolic syndrome, were found to be accompanied by modification and aggravation of immune and metabolic disorders, particularly abnormal cytokine production, as well as monotonous changes in the responses of patients receiving conventional treatment and low efficacy of this treatment. In this study we have observed normalization of abnormal parameters by the use of intravenous low-level laser irradiation of autologous blood, as well as a crucial impact of the pathogenesis on the signal targets of various differentiated treatment modalities and the way they are affected by the immunomodulatory activity of laser irradiation alone.

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