Leadership styles: the current leadership of syria

Abdul Rahman Alnassan and Chavi Bhargava Sharma

The Study is titled “Leadership Styles: A Case Study of Syria”. The main objectives of the research work are to identify and then analyze the political leadership style in Syria, to generate a profile of past, current and emerging leaders of Syria, to study the reasons that led to the uprising in Syria and to assess the future consequences of the decisions taken by the Political Leadership. The study will be descriptive in nature. Keeping in mind the objectives of the study, appropriate data will be collected from people and organizations from both, official and non-official, taking a look at the current and emerging leadership Styles in Syria. Survey for the political, security and economic situation will be carried. Both primary and secondary sources of data will be used for present research. For analysis and conclusion of the results of the survey, appropriate statistical tools and analysis will be done.

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