Knowledge of drug prescription among dental students- a cross sectional study

Abdul Saheer P., Tency Mathew Marriette., Nikil C Aerthayil and Preetika Parmar

Aim: A cross sectional questionnaire study was done to assess the dental students knowledge of drug prescription.

Materials and methods: A total of 150 students were included in the study and a open ended questionnaire with 10 questions was used. Third and final year students answered the questions. The data were subjected to quantitative analysis.

Results: Majority of students have the habit of prescribing paracetamol and Ibuprofen (70% and 17%). Amoxicillin was the common brand prescribed (94.45%). Sixty percentage of students were unknown with the WHO guidelines while 78.85% of the students knows for how long the drug had to be given and 80% of the students knows about the route of drug administration

Conclusion: The knowledge of prescribing drugs is of utmost need for good dental practice and hence, it is essential to expand the knowledge related to pharmacological therapy and to know about the proper therapeutic guidelines

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