Knowledge and awareness on oral manifestation of human papilloma virus (hpv) among dental students

Saranya.M and Dhanraj

Aim: To assess knowledge and awareness among dental students regarding oral manifestation of HPV infection.
Background: The same type of HPV can infect the genital areas which infects the mouth and throat. HPV found in the mouth and throat is called oral HPV. In most cases, HPV infection of all types go away before they cause any health problems. The knowledge and awareness about oral manifestation of HPV seems to be unclear and this was initiated to explore this further.
Materials and Method: A questionnaire was circulated among various dental students of different colleges in Chennai. The study population of 100 students completed the questionnaire which consists of 10 questions and requested them to complete the comprehensive, close ended, self administered questionnaire.
Results: 37% of students are not aware about oral manifestation of human papilloma virus.
Conclusion: Dental students are at high risk of HPV infection and hence an adequate awareness must be spread among them to combat this infection.

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