Knowledge and awareness of dental implantology in rural areas (kancheepuram)

Harippriya Karthikeyan., Dhanraj and Ashok

Aim: To survey how many people in rural areas of Kancheepuram have knowledge and awareness about dental implants.

Background and Reason: In recent years there are lots of various factors which leads to teeth loss. Dental implants are modern treatment option available to treat partially edentates situations. However the rural population may not be aware about availability and therapeutic advantages of this treatment. Hence it is our duty to create mass awareness and knowledge about dental implantology among rural locality residents.

Result: The result showed that the rural residents of Kancheepuram have enough knowledge about dental implants. But they're not willing to undergo dental implant treatment unless it is really necessary for them to have one.

Conclusion: According to the survey, the rural residents stated that it is not compulsory to undergo Dental implant therapy even though it improves the quality of people's lives. Thus we can also conclude that they prefer to have dental implants only if they feel necessary to have an implant and that too if they wish to have so.

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