Knowledge about chronic asthma in general population- an awareness study

Ashik Ahamed A

Objective: Assessing the knowledge and awareness about the asthma among the general population in India.
Methods: Structured questionnaires were randomly distributed to 100 Indian patients at chennai.
Results: The awareness of bronchial asthma questions showed that 64% of total sample thought that it could be a fatal disease, and about 50% thought that there is a difference between asthma and chest allergies in children. 50% thought that infectious respiratory diseases may increase asthma progression. In addition, 42% thought that the use of antibiotics doesn't help in diminishing bronchial asthma complications, and some thought that the patient can stop medication after an acute asthma attack. 66% thought that inhaled medication for asthma doesn't cause addiction. Very highly significant results are shown between asthma knowledge and age, the level of educationand if the individual knows a person who suffers fromasthma.
Conclusion: The study demonstrated Asthma knowledge in the Indian population is insufficient, and efforts should be carried out to spreadasthma management.

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