Kinetics of anodic oxidation of zircaloy-4 in 0.1m sodium carbonate in both aqueous and glycolic media

Viplav Duth Shukla

Kinetics of anodic oxidation of Zircaly-4 have been studied at a constant current density of 8 mA/cm2 and at room temperature. Thickness estimates were made from capacitance data. The plots of formation voltage vs time, reciprocal capacitance vs time, reciprocal capacitance vs. formation voltage and thickness vs formation voltage are liner upto a formation voltage of 130 V (120mm) in aqueous medium whilst in25%, 50% and 75% glycolic media they were liner upto 165 V (230 nm), 220 V (230 nm) and 270 V (260 nm) respectively. The rate of formation the differential field of formation and the current efficiency in aqueous, 25%, 50% and 75% glycolic media were found to be 6.66 MV/cm, 79.92%; and 6.54 MV/cm, 91.23%, 6.45 MV/cm, 94.38%,respectively.

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