Job performance and job satisfaction in an organisation

Ugarthi Shankalia M and Anuradha D

The employee attitude is very important in an organisation because they determine the behaviour of the workers in an organisation. A most common saying is “a satisfied worker is a productive worker”. Hence the job performance and job satisfaction becomes the most important topic in the research field. This research summarises the job performance and job satisfaction in an organisation. Employee job satisfaction and job performance is essential to face the dynamic and ever increasing challenges by maintaining productivity in an organisation by keeping their workforce constantly engaged and motivated. More over environmental pressures, increased cost of living and various needs of work force also put pressure on the organisation as well as it’s employees also. This could be overcome by creating a good environment that maintains employees work satisfaction and also motivating people towards the excellent performance at their organisation. When performance is substandard, regardless of other job succession efforts, even modest career goals are usually unattainable. Performance is an important criterion for organisational outcomes. When the employee or the workers are satisfied the organisation will have excellent outcome. Apart from that the workers performance and satisfaction will reflect on the organisation. According to the organisation the workers satisfaction and dissatisfaction also affects their performance. The main objective of this research is to evaluate employees way of thinking and to explain job satisfaction and performance and about the main factors affecting the job satisfaction and job performance of an individual in an organisation. Recommendations are given and suggestions on the topic are also given below.

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