For the issue of treatment of latent mastoiditis

Khatuna Chitadze., Merab Adamia and Teimuraz Jorbenadze

Urgency of latent mastoiditis gains more and more significance in the later period because of higher risk of intracranial complications. Its timely diagnosis and targeted treatment is one of the priorities of modern medicine, while surgical treatment is deemed to be an unambiguous effective treatment method. Invasive method in turn is a risk for number of post-surgical complications; accordingly, the surgeon's goal is always less than the gaining of a maximum result in less traumatic terms.
We have been produced multiple osteoperforations of bone wall of external auditory canal for treatment purposes. For this reason, the entire bone of the external auditory canal was retained, and the complete sanation of the cavity was not hampered. 131 operations among 134 were successful. The patients have not yet demonstrated any sign of a relapse. Only 3 patients applied the clinic with purulent process. Effective results have been obtained by using of osteoperforations on the background of maintaining the bone wall of external auditory canal, which is the basis for preventing a number of postoperative complications.
The research aimed at developing a surgical approach that would keep completely safe the acoustic duct wall in a way as not toencumbersanitation of purulent masses and granulation tissue.

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