Isolation and screening of pathogenic microbes in pond cultured indian major carps

Chandrakala N and Geethalakshmi K

Aquaculture plays a very important role in generating farmer’s income. However, the rapid and often uncontrolled development of aquaculture has led to frequency occurrences of infectious diseases that are threatening the sustainability of aquaculture. At the same time, the problem of fish diseases becomes more serious with the development of the intensive breading and the increase in culture sale and density. Fresh water fishes are an important Protein source for people of many countries. In the present study is to investigate bacterial & fungal infections in three economically important freshwater fishes, such as Catla catla, Labeorohita, and Cirhinus mrigal were collected from fish culture pond, Thiruvarur District, Tamilnadu. Nearly Three sp of fungi Aspergillus sp, Mucor sp, and Trichoderma viride sp, and two species of bacteria, such as Aeromonas sp, and Vibrio sp, were isolated.

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