Invitro antibacterial and antioxident activity of a brown algae sargassum tenerrimum

Mohamed Ismail A., Parthasarathy M and Sheik Jahabar Ali H

The antibacterial activities of brown algae namely Sargassum tenerrimum from rameshwaram. The methanolic extracts of S. tenerrimum was tested for its an antibacterial activity against five human bacterial pathogens (S. aureus, K. pneumonia, E.coli, P. putida and B. subtilis) by using three different concentrations viz., 0.25, 0.50, 0.75µg/mL. by Well-Diffusion method. The standard drug as commercial antibiotic Ampicillin. The maximum inhibition of antibacterial activity was observed in B. subtilis (75µg/mL). The antioxidant activity was determined by means of the Total phenolic content, Total antioxidant (TAA), De-oxyribose radical scavenging activity and DPPH radical scavenging test using different fractions of methanol extract. Result from three methods indicate that the antioxidant activity of S. tenerrimum of methanol extract were time and concentration dependent. TPC exhibited higher activity in the methanolic extraction (6.26±0.45 mg GAE/g). TAA of methanolic extract were noted higher activity (0.77±0.17) .The Deoxy- ribose radical scavenging activity (3.02±0.02% inhibition) of total methanolic extract and fractions of S. tenerrimum. The results were highest DPPH scavenging activity (1.53±0.44 %) hexane.

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