Introduction of one minute preceptor (omp) module for clinical teaching for postgraduate students

Nasreen Noor., Shagufta Moin and Uwais Ashraf

Most clinical teaching takes place in the context of busy clinical practice where time is at a premium. At some point during our teaching we have felt dissatisfaction with our clinical teaching. One minute preceptor (OMP) model is easy to impart clinical reasoning skills to postgraduate students. This model focuses on the last one minute, which is crucial from the learning point of view and hence its name.
Aims and objectives: To introduce OMP module in clinical teaching in obstetrics for postgraduates students and to evaluate the effectiveness of OMP
Methodology: OMP module was introduced to the postgraduates in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology after IEC. Teaching methods employed were role play and videos. Evaluation of knowledge, attitude and satisfaction was done by pre- and post -test by standardized validated questionnaire feedback questionnaire.
Results: There was statistically significant gain (58.50% v/s 90.60%) in knowledge. As regards with the satisfaction, 65.90 % v/s 34.1% of students were satisfied that module stimulated their desire to learn. This indicates a change in attitude towards teaching learning process.
Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that the intervention led to an increase in students’ knowledge and most of the students were satisfied with the OMP module.

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