Inter-relationship between grain yield and its component characters in f2 generation of bread wheat (triticum aestivum l)

Khushboo Singh, M.S. Punia and Vikram Singh

This study was carried out at Research Farm CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar (India) during Rabi 2013-14 with 250 F2 populations of cross WH1105 x WH711 to assess the correlation and path coefficient analysis. The correlation estimates showed positive and significant correlation of grain yield with number of tillers per plant, ear weight and 100 grain weight. However, it showed negative significant correlation with plant height. The Path coefficient analysis revealed that high positive direct effect of 100 grain weight followed by harvest index and biological yield. Traits viz., plant height and number of spikelets per ear had negative direct effect on grain yield per plant. Most of the other traits had indirect effect. Hence, for developing high yielding varieties in wheat, these traits should be given more weightage in breeding or selection programme.

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