Histomorphometric image analysis of leukoplakia with different grades of dysplasia and oral submucous fibrosis in parabasal and spinous layers of oral epithelium

Keerthi Rao. J, Santhosh Kumar S Hiremath., Govind Raj K Nalabolu., Alapati Naga Supriya., Sreenivasa Bharath t and Swetha P

Introduction: Histopathological assessment as well as grading of Oral submucous fibrosis and Leukoplakia with dysplasia is rather subjective and insufficiently reproducible. One of the best tool, to avoid subjectivity in these lesions is the use of computer assisted image analyzer. Scientific literature based on histomorphometry of these potentially malignant disorders are few. Hence present study was under taken to assess OSMF and leukoplakia with dysplasia histomorphometrically utilizing normal oral mucosal tissue as control group. Material and Methods: Study included Hematoxylin and Eosin sections of normal buccal mucosa (n=5), OSMF (n=15) and Dysplasia (n=15). Morphometric evaluation of these sections were performed in parabasal and spinous cell compartment separately by utilizing 5 different parameters (Cell area, Nuclear area, Cell diameter, Nuclear diameter and Nuclear cytoplasmic ratio) Results: Cellular and nuclear parameters were greater in spinous cell compartment than parabasal cell compartment in all the three study groups. Morphometric parameters were exponentially increased from normal epithelium, OSMF to dysplasia. Conclusion: All the three study groups showed site wise differentiation of morphometric parameters in parabasal and spinous cell compartments. Dysplasia showed higher nuclear and cellular parameters indicating the aggressiveness and possible malignant transformation.

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