Heating gum arabic above 60 0c

Ishraga., Ibrahim Badreldin and Ishag Christina

Gum arabic is prepared from the species senegal and seyal of the Acacia trees. This study aims to analyze the effect of heating Acacia senegal and Acacia seyalabove 60ºC. The samples were incubated using incubator at 63ºC for 6hrs, 24hrsand48hrs respectively. Heating effect was investigated using gel permeation chromatography coupled to muli-angle laser light scattering (GPC-MALLS) to determine the average molecular weight (Mw). The results showed the effect of temperature (above 60ºC) on gum arabic molecular weight distribution.The results for Acacia senegal at 63ºC showed that the weight average molecular weight slightly decreased by 8.5%, 16% and 22% after 6hrs, 24hrs and 48hrs of incubation respectively. For Acacia seyal, the weight average molecular weight decreased by 14%, 39% and 48% after 6hrs, 24hrs and 48hrs respectively. The study concluded that molecular weight of Acacia seyal sample affected more than Acacia senegal samples.

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