Giant endometrial polyp protruding from the external cervical os-a case report

Stuti Tyagi., Rahul Manchanda., Sudhir Kulkarni and Madhujeet Gupta

Endometrial polyps are localized overgrowth of endometrial glands and stroma through the uterine cavity, that are commonly associated with postmenopausal bleeding, infertility and menorrhagia. Several cases have been described in the literature that usually develops secondary to tamoxifen use or by unbalanced estrogen therapy. The polyps commonly do not extend from the external cervical os, and can mimic endocervical polyp or cervical neoplasia if seen protruding. Although the giant polyps which originate from the uterine cavity and protruding from the cervical os are rare entity, we report the case of a gaint endometrial polyp which was protruding from the external cervical os and that developed spontaneously without tamoxifen use in a multiparous 49 year-old woman presenting with heavy vaginal bleeding. Hysteroscopic polypectomy was performed and patient was relieved of her menorrhagia. Diagnosis, management and outcome of this rare entity have been discussed according to the literature.

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