Genetic markers in type ii diabetes mellitus among indian population-a review

Sandra Sagar and Kannan Rajendran

Present review is written to relate the various genetic markers in type II Diabetes Mellitus (DM) among Indian population. Genes play a vital role in the development of Diabetes Mellitus. Type II diabetes is often a polygenic disorder with multiple genes located on different chromosomes being associated with this condition which include environmental factors which also contribute to the clinical manifestation of the disorder in genetically predisposed persons. Only a minority of cases of type II diabetes are caused by single gene defects such as maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY), syndrome of insulin resistance (insulin receptor defect) and maternally inherited diabetes and deafness (mitochondrial gene defect). According to WHO, India leads the world with largest number of Diabetic patients. Reports from several Indian population studies give a heterogeneous picture owing to its diverse ethnicity. The major issue to address in diabetes biology is to identify the genetic changes in the disease and their occurrence in different populations. So the review is done to correlate and understand the various genes involved in type II Diabetes Mellitus in Indian Population.

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