Fifth varna of the indian society

Abhilasha and Rakesh Paraste

Indian Society has long been assigned four varnas which are now mingling and merging slowly but steadily. Value and Times are relative. But what is stunning is that nobody talked about this fifth one, though, this varna is ubiquitous. It is part and parcel of all the four, yet it is nowhere. Religious controversies are not unknown to India or for that matter entire world. But when it comes to the fifth varna all the religions are unanimously united on eliminating the recognition or erasing whatever identity this fifth one has got.
I am talking about ‘woman’ varna. She is Brahmin, she is Kshatriya, she is Vaishya and she is Sudra. But nowhere is she a human being. Man is a born human but a woman is an afterthought. Man is entitled to earn Dharma, Arth, Kaama and Moksha. She is there only to facilitate man in all his efforts. She is not a free entity. She cannot have a free will of her own. If she dares to have one she should be ready to pay the price. In theory she has received accolades of praise. But in practice she has got all that even an animal will rebel against.

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