Factors affecting mobile phone purchase and its usage- a case study of teachers and office staff of colleges in kavali town

Sree Vyshnavi P.V and Venkata Rao P

Technology is ever changing and with that mobile phone attributes are also updating and changing. However there are several other significant features which affect the consumer buying behaviour of the mobile phones. The factors influencing consumer behaviour including demographic, economic, personal, technological factors, customer service and loyalty are taken for the study. The aim of the study is to investigate and understand the behavior of consumers with regard to mobile phone purchase and its usage among employees of Kavali town in Andhra Pradesh. The sample is collected using stratified random sampling. A structured questionnaire is used for the data collection from the samples. The sample is restricted to only 55 employees,35 teachers and 20 office staff.
The study indicates that most of the employees are of mid-age group (63.63%), having annual income below 2 lakhs (38.18%) and 3 lakhs (14.55%) and interested in getting updated with technology (67.27%). Their purchase is majorly influenced by reference groups: friends, family and having mobile phones of cost less that Rs.6000 (56%) majorly smart phones. Most of the activities of teachers are basic calls followed by messages, music player and camera while least is GPS while that of office staff are basic calls followed by music player and messages while least is mobile banking.64% of them are loyal with their brand until there is no complaint with the phone. Hence it is a welcoming aspect for the companies to retain their customers through customer service. It is found that majority of the employees (34.55%) are not having problem with their phones while heating up and battery problems are the major problems of the rest (18% and 16% respectively). Most of employees (56.35%) had not attended for customer service while 14.55% had got no proper reply. The reason majorly is there is unavailability of customer service centres in the town.

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