Fabricating an experimental set-up to investigated design and development of jet tester to check the erosion wear behavior of coated and uncoated ss304 at various distinct angles

Vikas Patyal., Amit Singla., Gurmeet Singh and Shubham Sharma

Erosion leads to loss of life of parts in machinery and pipeline which manage slurry. In order to maximize life proper survival of materials used as required. Slurry erosion jet tester facilities designation of best material under presumption operating terms. Jet erosion is ordinarily victimized to study the proportional erosion behavior of variant material at moderate. Solid, concentration velocity and particle size and input angle. A slurry pot is invented by infixing propeller from the behind of the cylinder and is revolved at the speed requisite for consistent distribution. The specimen are mounted on the test fixture which is rigid has a provision to move in variant angular position to find out the wear at distinct angles. When the high velocity of slurry particles collide with on the specimen that stimulate erosion of material. The experiments are fulfilled for repeatability tests for fix parameters such 55, particle size 655 micron and angle & 10% solid concentration for 60 minutes and another one for attestation. The results were acquired for ductile materials and are raise in good transcription with the literature finally, the study leads to an excellent understanding of the influence of various and the jet erosion test contributes result in the future in some calibration of the terms in which these test are performed

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.3492.0300