To enhance the security via light-visible communication in smartphones

Dhivya H and Saranya V.S

At present with increasing popularity of online shopping Debit or Credit card fraud .Personal information security are major concerns for customers, merchants and banks specifically in the case of Card Not Present. Many web applications provide secondary authentication methods i.e., secret questions (or password recovery questions), to reset the account password when a user’s login fails. Today’s prevalence of smart phones has granted us new opportunities to observe and understand how the personal data collected by smart phone sensors and apps can help create personalized secret questions without violating the users’ privacy concerns. We also provide a secure system for barcode-based visible light communication for online payment system using image stenography methodology. We present a Secret-Question based Authentication system, called “Secret-QA”that creates a set of secret questions on the basis of people’s smartphone usage. We develop a prototype on Android smartphones, and evaluate the security of the secret questions by asking the acquaintance/stranger who participate in our user study to guess the answers with and without the help of online tools meanwhile we observe the questions reliability by asking participants to answer their own questions.

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