Energy, anergy and exergy analysis of organic rankine cycle for a residential apartment using solar energy based on aspen plus

Adwek Odhiambo George, Imran Ali Shah, Xiang Gou

The utilization of solar energy is on a rise due to serious global energy crisis.This paper presents the simulation generated data in energy and exergy analysis to determine the performances for an organic Rankine cycle (ORC). The system was simulated to supply both electrical and thermal energy to an existing residential apartment. The simulation of the operating ORC was performed using Therminol 55 as the heat transmitting fluid within the oil tank, pump and evaporator and using R-245fa as the working fluid within the cycle. The highest power output was obtained when the expander inlet pressure was 2MPa and the solar source temperature was 163.5°C, delivering an output power of 33.34kW with an achievement of overall process efficiency of 14.55%. The proposed system is intended to be potentially attractive for real estate investors in Thika town with good solar irradiation and without (or with very high cost) access to the general public electricity supply. Detailed analysis of energy and exergy in the organic Rankine cycle has been done in order to determine the best rational use of energy and suggestions on exergy saving are provided based on simulated results.

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