An efficient fractal compression technique in wsn with adaptive huffman coding

Keerthika S

Fractal Data compression is ability used to reduce the number of bits essential to transmit the data in the particular order. The purpose of Fractal data compression is to eliminate the redundancy in a data in order to decrease its size. Data compression can also be lossless or lossy. Data compression recreates the correct unusual data from the compressed data although lossy data compression cannot restore the ideal unique data from the compressed data. The consequence and magnitude of data compression has exposed increasing development from the past few years and is probable to continue remaining the same in the future. The planned will present an overview of popular adaptive Huffman data compression methods of common effectiveness. It evaluated these presented algorithms with a newly planned scheme with improvements to make the algorithm fully absolute. The size data to be transmitted has a crash on the efficient working of WSN. This study reports the simulation & implementation of proficient Fractal data compression algorithms used for wireless sensor network.

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