Effect of herbal toothpaste in comparison with toothpaste in commercial use in reducing streptococcus mutans count

P.S.Karthikeson and Geetha.R

Aim And Objective: To know about the effects of herbal toothpaste in comparison with tooth paste in commercial use in reducing streptococcus mutans count.

Background: Usage of toothpaste determines the shininess and colour of our tooth. Commercial toothpaste contain fluoride, triclosan, propylene glycol, diethanolamine and artificial sweeteners. Commercially available herbal toothpastes are also there in market. The main ingredients of commercial herbal toothpastes include neem, pudina, tomar, laung etc. People use fluoridated toothpastes more than herbal toothpastes. But overuse of fluoridated toothpaste may lead to dental fluorosis. So in this study ,the herbal toothpastes, commercial toothpastes and commercially available herbal toothpastes are compared to get an idea about which toothpaste reduces bacterial count with less effect.

Methodology : A randomised study was carried out on 30 patients with dental caries. Saliva samples were collected prior to the procedure in a sterile container. The 30 patients were divided into three groups .10 subjects were given herbal tooth paste 1 and asked to brush twice a day morning and night before going to bed. Next 10 subjects were given Herbal tooth paste 2 and the rest 10 were given commercial tooth paste with fluoride and they were also instructed to follow the same procedure. After five days saliva samples were again collected from all the 30 subjects and Streptococcus mutans count was done and the results are given in Colony forming units[cfu] / ml. The mutans level is compared between three groups and compared.

Conclusion: Most of us don't use herbal toothpastes because it shows mild irritation in mouth. So people started to use fluoridated toothpaste since it doesn't show any irritation and it provides good breath. The bacterial count can be reduced if we use herbal toothpastes than commercial toothpastes. Also doctors should recommend herbal toothpastes here afterwards thus to provide good oral hygiene in near future.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.2807.0110