The effect of chemical formula visualization method (chefovim) on balancing simple inorganic chemical equations

Uma Rajendran and M. Sadananthan

A preliminary study revealed the difficulty of high school and higher secondary school students of Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu in balancing the inorganic chemical equations. Based on a computer program Chembalancer, the investigator attempted to design a novel method, CHEFOVIM (Chemical Formula Visualization Method) which doesn’t require the use of a computer. The study was done employing the ‘pre-test – post-test equivalent group experimental design’. A total of 120 students from IX standard from the rural schools in Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu formed the sample for the present study.. The reliability (0.78) and validity of the tool prepared were established. To find out the significant difference between the performance of students in the control and experimental groups ‘t’ test was done. The study revealed the effectiveness of the CHEFOVIM over the TM (Traditional Method) of teaching balancing of simple inorganic chemical equations

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