Educational problems of minority community students at elementary level in purulia district

MazharShamsi Ansary and Pranab Barman

In a caste diversify country; it should have giving equal importance to all caste and sub-caste. Irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion, the main mantra should be of these countries is social equity and equal educational opportunity. Otherwise the nation will not be to develop properly. In India the whole World knows that in India here live so many types of Caste, Community. One of them Minority Community is important Community (including Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Shikh, Parsi and Jain) is important Community in India. Minority Community is one of the backward Communities in our society. Especially Muslims are behind in all aspects of life. In Education they are not so good like other forward communities. All levels of our Education System they are still behind. As like in the Elementary level they have so many Educational Problems. West Bengal is one of the important State of India, but Purulia district of West Bengal is most backward district.

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