The development of empowerment model and the changes of management performance-based on the higher education quality in private colleges

Anuar Sanusi., Andi Desfiandi and Hapzi Ali, CMA

The strategic issues in order to raise the image and competitiveness of a higher education is to improve the quality of education, research and community service, the quality of student affairs and alumnus, as well as improving the quality of institutional cooperation. The strategic access planning that has been done should be continued through a management change in the form of implementation in the practice field, so that it becomes a medium that grows fast and wide for the development of higher education including private colleges at the province of Lampung. The management changes in higher education governance aim to make a good quality university in order to face global competition in business and technology. The method used in this research was a qualitative method. Data collection and documentation by triangulation technique were done to determine the main factors of quality policies. This research aims to assess the empowerment profile of the quality-based management changesin higher education governance, to realize the goal of all faculty havingA-accredited; to realize that 90% students to be able to finish their study on time; to increase the academic and non-academic reputations; to improve the performance of research centre in this case, from status of Binaan into Madya (Level of Indonesian Research Centre) by improving the quality and quantity of research and community service, and also to publish national and international journals.

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