Development of arab education in israel

Mahmood Khalil

Public education system plays a significant and a central role in young people’s lives in any society. In School, young people acquire education and get the opportunity to acquire personal and interpersonal skills and qualifications needed for them later in life.
In every society there is a certain level of education most young people aspire to achieve. Students who struggle in school and have not achieved the sufficient level of education, often find themselves at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder and have difficulty finding a job with adequate pay. Public education system in Israel is divided into two groups - the Jewish education system (also divided into sub-systems – State secular education, state religious education, etc.) and the Arab education system. Each system has its own Students, its own teachers, and educational content of its own Arab schools provide only partial knowledge to Students, which is limited and basic, and preserves the socio-economic inequality existing in Israeli society
The historical development of the Arab educational system in Israel shows that it’s not in the hands of the Arab minority and is controlled by external factors which represent,the ruling culture and its worldview, while ignoring the culture, the heritage and identity of Palestinian Arabs.

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