Determination of the natural zeolies characteristics in sudan country

Ardelshifa Mohammed Elhassan

This work aims to Knowledge of the characteristics of natural zeolites because it is essential for multiple applications.
Nearly 200 years the geologists discovery zeolite, we considered the zeolite mineral to occurs as large crystals in the vugs and cavities of basalts and other traprock formation. Natural zeolites found in volcanogenic sedimentary rocks. They are many area in Sudan have very much of natural zeolites in different areas and it many types of natural zeolite. In this work selected one type of natural zeolite (ZK-5) and determined the characters. Whenthe properties of natural zeolites compare with synthetic one it low cost natural material, and it no less mportant in terms of its application than industrial zeolite. Natural zeolites have been used as building stone, as lightweight aggregate and pozzolans in cements, sofling nuclear waste and fallout, in the removal of ammonia from municipal industrial, and soften drinking water, Absorbent carbon”, which is actually an adsorber, also has an affinity for water at some sites, which decreases its capacity to adsorb organic molecules from streams containing water molecules. This can be either true or false for zeolite depending on the type of zeolite that you select. Generally, the higher the silicon to aluminum ratio, the more hydrophobic the zeolite.
zeolites demonstrate higher thermal stability and also selectivity with respect to the most hazardous toxic expands the area of their application for treatment of radioactively contaminated aqueous solutions [2]. For those properties now it be fledged mineral commodities. In this context for the study we selected Zk-5 zeolite natural.
Natural zeolite samples were collected from different areas in Sudan.from Wad Kawly in Gadarief region eastern of Sudan Second sample was collected from Bayouda desert in the Northern region). Samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) showed these samples to be composed Thomsonite, Scolecite and ZK-5 as Natural zeolites.
And choice one (ZK-5) to determined its properties .In this work we illustrates some properties of natural zeolite using multiple techniques like , IR ,TPR, DSC.And atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) used to determined chemical composition (other elements content). Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) used to determined internal structure and Infra Red Spectroscopy (IR). Also the characters determination relying on the thermal stability etc.
The results show in figures bellow good properties for Sudan natural zeolite zk-5 and it be comfortable to use in many application.

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