Delta plate- a better option for management of condylar fracture of mandible

Archana D. Deshpande., Prashant Pandilwar and Abhay Datarkar

Management of mandibular condylar fracture is one of the most controversial topic in maxillofacial surgery. For rigid internal fixation of mandibular condylar fracture, a single miniplate is commonly used. Placement of two miniplates has been known to give better results but it is difficult to place two miniplates in such smaller area and procedure is traumatic also. Hence there is need to explore the use of suitable device for fixation of mandibular condylar fracture. 20 patients with condylar fracture were included in the study. Patients were divided into two equal groups for comparative evaluation of open reduction of mandibular condylar fracture with delta plate and single miniplate and evaluated post operatively by using various predetermined parameters. This clinical study concluded that the Delta plate is better for the internal fixation of mandibular condylar fractures.

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