Cross-sectional and longitudinal study of the motivation of swimmers in the practice of swimming

Sebastião Santos

The aim of the study is to verify, analyze and identify the main motivations of swimmers for their sporting continuity in swimming. Individuals who practice Swimming have demonstrated a task orientation, high valuesof self-efficacy and belonging to a group, all of these factors respecting the behavioral dynamics, encouraging their participation and persistence in the modality. In addition, In this cross-sectional and longitudinal study, two groups participated: one with 33 swimmers (aged 10-18 years) and the other with 7 swimmers (ages 15-20). The motivations considered most important by young people were the Maintenance and Development of Skills, General Affiliation and Physical Form, unlike the Statute (as the feeling of being important) being the least valued factor. The results suggest a decrease in the variables considered as more important over the years, and a reinforcement of the values of the emotion variable. All motivations will be important if they promote maximization of the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

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