Consumption of carbonated beverages among dental students

Pawan Kumar Earasi and Dhanraj

Aim: To evaluate knowledge, attitude and practices of soft drink consumption and their dental health between the age groups of 18-24.

Materials and Methods: Formulation and distribution of a survey/ questionnaire was conducted among the students studying Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) at Saveetha Dental College.

• Approximately 84% of the students preferred carbonated drinks over fruit juices and other beverages; 48% cola, 36% pepsi, remaining preferred fruit juice and other beverages. (Graph 1)
• 64% of the students consumed beverages twice per day; 49% consumed two bottles per day and 37% consume three bottles per day. 17%-consumed beverages once per day, 14% consumed thrice per day and 15% consumed more than three times per day & more than three bottles per day. (Graph 2)
• Roughly 75% believed there is an increase in consumption over time where as 25% believed it decreased with time. (Graph 3)
• 57% of students were aware of the ill-effects of consuming carbonated beverages, but 43% were not aware of the calories intake by consumption of a glass of cola and sugar free carbonated beverages.
• 41% did not experience ill-effects where as about 59% had been effected. (Graph 4)
• 73% of students did not feel any changes discomfort or change in their oral environment after consuming the soft drink but 27% felt discomfort after few minutes of consumption. (Graph 5)
• Approximately 63% of students consumed soft drink by bottle, 31% using a glass and 6% by straw. (Graph 6)

• With the gathered results, I came to a conclusion that most of the students preferred to drink cola over other drinks such as pepsi, fruit juice, etc.
• A factor that was noted was that they were aware of the ill-effects of carbonated beverages, still their consumption increased day by day, but resulted in not experiencing any ill-effects after intake.
• Most students who participated were not aware of the sugar-free carbonated beverages and the amount of calories that is taken in by one glass or can of carbonated beverage.
• Several students showed early signs of erosion and dental caries; felt discomfort for minutes due to the fact that the enamel is eroded or in the process of becoming eroded.

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