Conservative treatment in avascular necrosis with exercises – an evidence based case study

Subramanian S.S and Dinesh S

Introduction: Osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) is a disabling condition that affects mainly younger subjects in the midst of their working lives; Most of the subjects with Avascular Necrosis were treated with Total Hip Replacement. Aim and Objectives: The aim and objectives of this case study report was to analyse reduction in obesity and its effect on a subject with Avascular Necrosis. To evaluate clinical and subjective impact with exercises on this subject. Materials and Methodology: Treated with exercises for his obesity and orthopaedic complaints with a frequency of two sessions a week from October 2016to January 2017. Each session lasts for 25 - 30 minutes. The intensity of the exercises were at 60% - 70% of the maximal heart rate. Results: There is reduction in obesity with lowering of waist circumference and Hip Outcome Score (p < 0.001) as evidenced highly statistically following exercises. Conclusion: This innovative study of conservative physiotherapeutic management of an Avascular Necrosis subject gives a ray of hope, where reduction of obesity and application of various physiotherapy techniques not only shows clinical betterment but enhances functional activities of the subject.

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