Complex endopelvic mass simulating a gynecological tumor

Duati R., Cotti E., Pellegrino F., Tralli G and Campioni P

A 47 years old woman, with previously hysterectomy for uterine fibromatosis (5 years ago), arrived to our hospital to perform a gynecological exam with transvaginal ultrasound, which documented a inhomogeneus neoformation (42 x 30,5 mm) with poorly vascolarized hypo-anecogenous contents at the level of the vaginal fornix. Therefore, a Magnetic Resonance of the pelvis is required for a better tissutal characterization of the formation.
The endopelvic masses in women are often a diagnostic problem. In this case report we show an unusual mass and try to define a diagnostic iter for the characterization of the endopelvic masses. Furthermore we show the importance of a correct preoperative management with ultrasound and MRI.

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