To compare the efficacy of lignocaine and esmolol for attenuation of stress response to larygoscopy & endotracheal intubation

Vandana Hooda and Roopal Garaniya

Laryngoscopy and intubation are mandatory for most patients undergoing operation under general anaesthesia, which is invariably associated with certain cardiovascular changes such as tachycardia or bradycardia, rise in blood pressure and a wide variety of cardiac arrythmias. 100 patients belonging to ASA I or II undergoing various elective surgeries were randomly allocated to two groups of 50 each.Group A received2 mg/kg esmolol& Group B received 1.5 mg /kg preservative free lidocaine IV 2 min before intubation. The heart rate, systolic blood pressure, Diastolic blood pressure, Mean arterial pressure were recorded continuously after giving preanaesthetic medication till ten minutes after intubation. It was observed that esmolol is more effective than lignocaine in attenuating rise in heart rate following laryngoscopy and intubation. Also the rise in blood pressure was suppressed by bolus dose of esmolol (2 mg/kg).

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