Comparative study of topical effects of probiotics with a commercial fluoride tooth paste in reducing dental caries in patients with higher salivary streptococcus mutans levels

Nandhini V., Santhosh Kumar., Musthafa and Gayathri S

Background: WHO defines probiotics as ‘live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit to the host’. Traditionally, probiotics have prevented and treated gastro intestinal diseases. In the last 15 years, there has been increasing interest of a possible probiotic impact on the oral microbiota and dental caries.
Aim: Aim of the present study is to study the impact of selected strain of probiotic lactobacilli in caries prone individuals by analyzing salivary pH changes, Streptococcus mutans colony forming units before and after consumption of probiotic in form of tooth paste.
Methodology: 30 patients with similar DMF index and pH <6.8 were selected and divided in to 3 groups Group A, group B and group C and were instructed to use probiotic tooth paste, fluoridated tooth paste and placebo tooth paste (indigenous preparation) for a period of 2 weeks respectively. Salivary swabs were collected at baseline and at15 days time. Both stimulated and unstimulated salivary samples are also collected for microbial analysis.
Results: Growth inhibition capacity of Probiotic lactobacillus species has been found statistically significant in both the study groups with p value 0.001 in probiotic group and p value 0.006 in fluoride group. While placebo group yielded statistically insignificant p value of 0.086. Intergroup comparison revealed no significance. Acidogenic potential between probiotic and fluoride toothpaste, showed significant reduction in acidogenicity with p value 0.04 individually. But in inter group comparison, efficiency is same with p value 0.5.
Conclusion: Probiotics are potential candidates to replace fluoride in tooth paste composition, in years to come. More clinical trials done with different age group and larger population is required to substantiate

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