Clinical study of dermatoses of pregnancy

Vinita Gupta and PoonamTaneja

Background: During pregnancy profound immunologic, metabolic, endocrine and vascular changes occur resulting in both physiologic and pathologic changes in the skin and its appendages. These skin changes can be separated into three main categories: Hormone related, pre existing and pregnancy specific. Aim: The present study was conducted with an aim to find the clinical pattern and incidence of various skin changes of pregnancy. Methods: All pregnant females reporting to antenatal clinic of SGT Medical College and Hospital during the period of one year were included in this study. Results: A total of 341 pregnant women were enrolled in the present one year long study out of which 194 (56.89%) were primigravidas and 147 (43.11%) were multi gravidas. Maximum incidence of 78% was found in the age group between 15-25 years of age. Physiological changes were seen in all the pregnant females while dermatoses affected by pregnancy were reported in only 12.3% cases. Dermatoses specific for pregnancy were found in 7.9% cases. Conclusion: clinicians must be able to distinguish physiological changes of pregnancy from several other dermatoses that can present during the period of pregnancy in order to provide timely management and thus reducing maternal and fetal morbidity.

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