Clinical study of cardiac markers in post myocardial infarction patients on antihypertensive drug therapy

Anandkumar S., Swetha S., Tamilselvan T and Kumutha T

Aim and objective: To assess the level of cardiac markers during anti-hypertensive drug therapy in post myocardial infarction patients.
Materials and methods: A prospective – observational study was carried out in total 108 post - MI patients aged >40 years with history on single drug antihypertensive therapy. In this study, the effectiveness of antihypertensive drug therapy on cardiac workload was evaluated with the help of cardiac markers by using one way ANOVA followed by Tukey- Kramer multiple comparison test. Patient information leaflet was prepared and assessed.
Results: The study result showed that Ramipril has a greater control on troponin – I and CK-MB profile of the patients (P< 0.01) when compared to Nicorandil. After Ramipril, Amlodipine showed a significant control (P< 0.05) when compared to Nicorandil on Troponin - I profile.
Conclusion: Duration of antihypertensive drug treatment among the study population revealed that Ramipril decreases the incidence of second MI symptoms for longer duration and decrease the release of cardiac markers compared to other drugs. It may due to decrease in workload of heart by ACE inhibitors. Patient information leaflet was prepared and distributed through cardiology department to improve patients understanding of disease management and the developed leaflet was found to be very useful by the patients.

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